When Your Heart Stops Beating

Your name is at the tip of my tongue, the top of my lungs

13 July 1983
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I guess I'm a naturally artsy person, always were, probably always will be...although that sentence is contradictory but well, I'm like that. I like dancing, drawing, singing, reading, collecting quotes, and making little movies in my head which would probably end up in my numerous journals and unfinished stories...I like to hang out by myself or with a select few that I consider friends.

To me, a good time means dancing till you see stars, singing and laughing until your voice grow hoarse, just chilling and sharing with friends over a cup of coffee or a burger...

Either than that, a long dip in hot water with music and fragrance is good, typically female that, checking out stationary bits, lingerie and cute mugs...for those guys who roll their eyes at this, take note..to girls shopping is a bonding experience...not a single minded effort to get something...(Though I do that to...and if it's just me alone, that's what I do...I've been told I mostly think like a guy)

I also like to tweedle my thumbs and do nothing, lazing around on the floor and make fun of my cat...though since I'm alone doing nothing with only a cat for company, who is making fun of whom is unclear.

Either than books and stationary thingies, my only other luxury is fragrant lotions and bath thingamijig